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Error was founded in 2010 and is made up of Andy, Ed, Elisabeth, Martin, Miriam, and Paul. We design and build websites, interfaces, digital brands, and applications and have launched our own digital platforms; most notably Humap, and Rooftop.

How we work

Our work is design and user-experience focused and we deliver heavyweight technical solutions underpinned with some serious consultancy processes. The way we operate and run our business and projects is reflected in our list of blue chip clients and our longstanding relationships with them. These are the reasons we stand apart from many agencies of our size.

Project process

Every project is underpinned with our consultancy processes from the outset. Our processes are made up from the good bits of agile and traditional project management ideals. We work in sprints, but we’re also mindful that not every client or project can work that way.

User Experience Consultancy

Everything we do is user-experience driven. Understanding the science of human interaction with technology is a process we’ve honed over the years. We create compelling experiences around user personalities, traits; their desires, and match them up with your objectives.


Typography and traditional graphic design fundamentals underpin our design processes for digital delivery. Our designs for interfaces, digital brands, and creative layouts across mobile, tablet and desktop projects stand the test of time and are considered industry-changing.

Andy Error

Websites & application tech

Web is where we’ve been for the past 20 years. We’ve developed simple marketing websites, websites with more complex requirements, and business-critical web applications that have moved businesses to a wholly digital operation.

Our previous clients include the Victoria & Albert Museum, Sony Games, the BBC, ITN, Tate, Bupa, the Open Data Institute and many more established businesses and startups. In 2014 our work was honoured at the Webby awards for the design of the National Museums Liverpool web site, and have received high praise for our design and development of the Layers of London project, mapping the history of the city over the last 2000 years.

What’s special about Error

We run Error because we care about the work we produce, and those we do it for. We also care about our colleagues, families and communities, so our working practices reflect that. We work 4 days per week, from Tuesday to Friday: Mondays are our own for outside interests or family time. We have a strong remote-working culture and have done for over six years now.

Error will never become a behemoth agency with layers of management and tonnes of bureaucracy. We much prefer to keep things flexible and small-scale, so we can embed ourselves with our clients and focus on fewer things at one time.

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