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Expressing the memories of a generation of seafarers and their families and the way they relate to their changing city is a chance to use multimedia to its fullest.

The Mapping Memory project is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool and Re-Dock, funded by the Beyond Text programme. As the name suggests, this project is looking at innovative new ways to present research findings to the public, using an interactive online map.

With a small budget, and no backend system to work with, we hatched a plan to build a lightweight JavaScript based web-app which made the most of free google services.

Using Vimeo to store video content and Google Maps as a basis for a beautiful interface, the geodata for the app is organised in Google Docs. Which is what they were using anyway. Ah, isn’t it nice when things just click?

For more info about the project you can visit the Mapping Memory page on the National Museums Liverpool web site.

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