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A charity that punches well above its own weight. A big hitter for the deaf and disabled community. DaDaFest has recently changed its overall strategy to become a biennial arts festival and has subsequently invested wisely in a new identity and shiny new website.

As usual, the project started off with a good old round-the-table workshop with Ruth and the gang at DaDaFest. The findings lead us to designing a healthy set of prototypes (well tested) before moving onto the fancy design stuff.

Working with the new brand identity, our design of the website had to be striking, bold and confident. It also had to cater for a multitude of accessibility requirements, both technically and aesthetically; and, offer many varying functions across the site such as events listings, donations, a festival area, and serious content pages.

The Dadafest website was launched in April 2012 and has received some great reviews and feedback. It’s also successfully catered for the deaf and disabled community who visit the website regularly.

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