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Birmingham Museums Trust commissioned Error to redesign and develop their website. The Trust is a new organisation comprising of the key museums and historic venues in and around Birmingham.

The website needed to launch the new trust website, and the eight rebranded venues websites. It’s generally a big requirement to deliver eight websites in one project! The focus of each venue was to attract footfall and ensure their unique experience was well communicated and attractive.

We kicked the project off with our consultancy process. The initial workshop was attended by all key project stakeholders. Together we investigated factors that needed to run the course of the project and beyond: project goals, user personas, user stories and more.

The consultancy work became the websites’ requirements: wireframes, information architecture, user journeys – all inputs into the design and development work of the various venue sites and the main website.

By the time we started designing the websites, a new brand was ready to test our creative skills. We designed a distinct visual identity for each venue, ensuring they all fitted well into a universal brand.

User testing with eight participants in Birmingham proved that the cutting edge design would be well received and that only minor tweaks were required.

The website launched in November 2014.

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