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When Team Locum approached us to redevelop their website, we proposed something radical: as well as a beautiful marketing website, we would build a platform to help them become an online business.

Team Locum are recruitment champions, placing thousands of short-term staff all over the country every day. If you’ve been to a pharmacy or optician lately, you’ve probably met a staff member working through them! Now, instead of having loads of people racing around answering the phone and frantically placing bookings, Error has developed a web application to do the hard work. And that’s helped Team Locum do more business, with fewer staff.

The Team Locum App is a tool to help clients and locums manage their requirements without the hassle of form-filling, emailing and phone calls. For the first time, locums are able to apply to join the agency online, uploading their accreditation documents and other information.

And for their day-to-day work lives, the App allows them to apply online for bookings, manage their calendar of activities and give feedback on work placements. We’ve built the system to link in real-time to the internal systems at Team Locum, which means that there is no overhead for the team.

Since we launched the application, monthly visits have increased from 4,000 to more than 21,000, and average daily locum applications have increased from 1 or 2, to more than 15. And Team Locum have done this with fewer staff, and more time to sell their services.

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